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I believe photographs are most interesting when they foster a sense of mystery, showing not just beauty, but also peaking the curiosity as to how and where it was taken. Beautiful photographs are to be found everywhere, however, it takes not only vision but also patience and perseverance to find them.

My work is about being in touch with my environment. My vision is also driven by my love of technology and the exploration of new places. My interests are to capture the beauty of our everyday surroundings, in addition to portraiture. Places and faces interest me equally.

I use slow shutter speeds and double exposures to explore the nuances of movement and the passage of time. I work with landscapes, seascapes urbanscapes and people, to illustrate my perspective. My goal is to use my camera to open unexplored worlds, to satisfy human curiosity and show everyday beauty.



Jeremy is a photographer, writer and editor specializing in photography, technology and business. He is the Former Editor-in-Chief of FuelYourPhotography.com where he leads a team of photography writers from around the world. He is also past President of the Barbados Photographic Society. Prior to this, Jeremy was a guest columnist/editorialist for The Avion newspaper. Jeremy is also an ICT and business consultant operating primarily in The Americas.

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